Variety of Party Themes and Packages

You would be shocked at how many party themes and party packages that we offer at VIParties. We’re not your average “party in a box” company — we actually take the time to carefully craft each party to suit your child’s interests and desires. We always aim to exceed any expectations that you and your child have once you book a party with us. All of our party packages are fully customizable, so if your kid wants a Princess themed tea party but also wants to meet their favorite superhero, we can make that happen.

Save Time and Money

When you choose to book your child’s birthday at VIParties, you will find that you’ll save time and money. Let our staff do all of the heavy lifting so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy making memories with your kid. They don’t stay young forever, so don’t waste your time working hard to get their party perfect. Since we host so many birthday parties, we have all of the tools needed to impress everybody who shows up. If you try to host a party at your own home, you may find that buying all of the decorations adds up quickly. You’ll end up saving money if you let VIParties do all of the work for you, including after party clean-up!

For Children of All Ages

A lot of birthday party venues are highly marketed towards smaller children. But perhaps you have an older child that’s in need of a party venue. Look no further because we accommodate parties for children of all ages. We have experience hosting Quienceneras, Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, and other parties for older children. Just because you don’t have young children anymore doesn’t mean you can’t let VIParties do all the party planning for you!

Support Small Businesses

We’ll be honest — VIParties has to do some competing with laser tag and children’s arcades. But hopefully all of our reasons we’ve given to choose us lead you to supporting a local small business. We have dedicated all of our pride and joy into putting together themed birthday party packages that your kid will be sure to love. When you support a small business, you help cycle money back into your community. So don’t support large corporations, do what you can for your town by booking a party with a local event planner.

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