Celebrations are a huge part of our society. Whether celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a proposal, or a baby that is about to join the world, there are many events that are cause for celebration. As a society, we love celebrating, coming together, sharing memories, and creating new ones.

One thing many people do not love doing is planning the celebration. A lot goes into planning and hosting a party and it can be tricky to figure out. Luckily, we can help you! At VIParties in Denver, NC, we offer a variety of unique parties for your child’s birthday, as well as custom party options that allow you to create the perfect party in our space.

There are many benefits to partying with us. In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the benefits and why you should choose us!


When you plan a party with VIParties, you are planning a party that is completely unique. Most child birthday parties are either princess or superhero-themed and end up being hosted at your home, where messes will be made and fun will be had. While there is nothing wrong with hosting your child’s birthday party at home, wouldn’t it be so much more relaxing if your party was hosted in a different space and had a unique theme? If you are sick of the superhero and princess parties, we have just what you need. VIParties offers tea parties, STEM creation parties, dance parties, sweet 16 parties, quinceañeras, spa parties, and video game parties. These are all extremely unique parties that everyone will love.

We also offer custom party options, allowing you to celebrate just about anything in our space. Whether you need a party space for a corporate event, baby shower, anniversary party, or a family reunion, we can help! We offer a party space, as well as a crew to help your party go off without a hitch!


When you party with VIParties, it is easy. You will not have to do as much party planning, setting up, cleaning up, or coordinating. Our crew will help you with everything you need to create the perfect party in our space. We can help you plan and set up your party as well as hosting. With our help, you can throw a celebration for just about anything that is perfect. If you struggle with party planning or have a lot of other things on your plate already, we will be able to make the entire process simpler for you.

No Set-Up

Part of party planning that is often the most stressful part is actually setting it all up and putting it together. From decorations to setting out place settings, food, and party favors, we can help with it all. While we set up for your party, you can relax and make sure everything else is in order before the party starts. This is extremely beneficial for many people who have no idea how to get everything set up in time.

No Stress

While there are a few people out there who absolutely love planning parties and coordinating everything, most people find this to be stressful and challenging. With VIParties, you no longer have to stress about every small detail. Our crew will help you plan the party, provide you with a space to host it, and help you set up, giving you all the extra help you need. Unlike some party spaces, we do so much more than just provide you with a place to host your party, we help you every step of the way!

Bring The Party To You

Another thing that makes VIParties unique is the fact that we can also bring the party to you! We offer a variety of different party types that we can take mobile. Our tea parties, STEM creation parties, and spa parties can be brought to you, allowing you to celebrate in the comfort of your own home. If you want to throw a unique birthday party for your child in your home but are unsure what type of party to plan or how to pull it off, our crew of party experts can help! This allows you to throw a unique party while staying at home, which many people prefer.

Different Packages

VIParties offers different party packages for our themed birthday parties, allowing you to choose the right one for your child. Whether you want a unique but simple party or to go all out for your kiddo, we have the packages that can make it happen. Be sure to find the themed party that your child will love and check out each of the packages we have to offer!

VIParties in Denver, NC wanted to help make party planning easier and give parents a unique option when it comes to planning a party for their children. Say goodbye to the superhero and princess parties that have taken up the last couple years of your child’s life. These parties are unique, fun, and exciting. Plus, we can help you create a custom party for whatever event you are planning a celebration for! Start party planning and contact VIParties today to party with us!

How To Plan A Party with us infographic