During cold and flu season, many more people tend to get sick than compared to the warmer months. Besides those common ailments, other contagious and communicable illnesses impact our communities. No matter what it is, we want to make sure we do all we can to keep everyone; children and adults in our communities health and safe. At VIParties we work hard to deliver fun and memorable parties for your children in the most stress-free manner possible for you. With your help we can also create healthy and safe parties for your children and their friends to come together and celebrate a special event in harmony.


How We Are Helping

At VIParties, each of our parties are private parties. When someone books a party with us there aren’t multiple parties taking place. By hosting a private party, your families exposure is limited to your inner circle of friends. The lower the amount of people in one confined space, the less chance, statistically, there is that contaminants will be spread from person to person. Although this method does not 100% eliminate the chance for spreading illnesses, it definitely helps to prevent it and it will help you feel safer. In essence, VIParties offers the privacy and intimacy of your home without having to have a party in your home! .
To ensure that our parties are healthy and safe environments, we are sure to wipe down, sanitize and disinfect after each party. During the party we are sure to practice recommend hand-washing practices. . Besides the benefit of health and safety compared to other children’s party places like arcades, there are plenty of other great reasons to host your kid’s party with us. Check out all of the wonderful benefits to throwing a party at VIParties and why you should choose us.


How You Can Help

We don’t want to ask you to change your kid’s vision of their birthday party, but there are some extra measures that we would like the adults to take when planning a party at VIParties.

Here are a few ways you can help prevent the spread of diseases or illnesses while still enjoying your child’s special day.

  1. Limit Shared Objects – When planning your child’s party, be sure to think about bringing disposable or take-home items for each person that’s attending. We provide “Happy Birthday” plates and flatware, however, if you have a special theme again we encourage you to use disposable items. Juice boxes or individual waters or juices are much easier and provide less opportunity for cross contamination. Individual party favors are highly recommended and at this time we’d recommend staying away from those items that are used to blow or are used around the face or mouth.
  2. Ask Parents to Make the Judgement Call – Something you can do to help us is to ask the other kids’ parents to monitor their children’s health. If their child is not feeling well or is showing symptoms of an illness, kindly ask them to refrain from coming to the party. Offer to bring the sick child party favors before or after the party. You don’t want them to feel excluded, so extend the opportunity to perhaps have them come over for a play date once they are feeling better.


Thank You for Your Continued Support

We would like to be upfront and honest with all of the parents in our community about the health and safety measures that we are taking and expecting of our guests at VIParties. We want nothing more than for you, your children, their friends, and your other family members to have a wonderful time at our party place. We don’t want you to be worried about congregating with your loved ones in public – VIParties is actually a great alternative to celebrating in your home, even during cold and flu season. As long as we are all taking the proper precautions, we can help prevent the spread of illnesses and contagions together.

Celebrate at VIParties

VIParties is located in Denver, North Carolina and is easily accessible to all of the Greater Lake Norman Area! Take a peek at our party packages and bookyour private party at VIParties today. We have so many options when it comes to crafting together the perfect stress-free party. We also offer Summer Camps and Girl Scout Badge Programs for children. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!