When it comes time to plan your child’s party, there are many options you can choose from. You can go with the typical house party, which generally involves games, activities, cake, goodie bags, and at least one child who isn’t having fun or doesn’t want to do the activity you planned. You could host your child’s birthday at a place like the inflatable play places, an outdoor playground, or an arcade, but this often leads to a frenzy as you make sure all the kids are still accounted for and not getting hurt or in trouble.

Then there are other options, like the STEM creation party from VIParites in Denver, NC. This is a unique party that is not only fun and creative, but it also allows you to sit back and relax a little. A STEM party is a great choice for the little scientist in your life. If your child loves school, loves learning, or even loves experiments, this is a great option for them!

Our STEM creation party includes two options — the VIP STEM and VIP Chem party options. For the VIP STEM, your child and their friends will build their own Lightsaber and wind chime. For the VIP CHEM, the kiddos will make their own snowglobe and glitter lotion. If you choose our Very Inspiring party package, the children will be able to enjoy both of these options and make their own wind chime, snowglobe, bath salts, and a lava lamp!

These parties are fun and unique, allowing your child and their friends to become little scientists that get to create and experiment. There are so many additional benefits to planning a STEM party with VIParties! Learn more and start planning your child’s birthday party with us!

Everyone Can Enjoy It

STEM parties are fun for all kids, no matter what they are interested in, if they like learning or not, or their age. Kids love creating things, whether it is an arts and crafts project, a story, or a game idea. This is a fun way for them to practice creativity and create something they can be proud of. And with our STEM creation party, your child and their friends can create a variety of different things with our simple instructions. While your children may learn a thing or two during this party, they will have fun doing it and love being able to create something unique.

They Will Learn

During our STEM creation parties, the kiddos will learn a thing or two! Whether it is how things react or how to create something different, they will learn, which is always a good thing. This is a unique type of party that kids can actually gain something from, rather than pointless games and endless amounts of sugar. While there is nothing wrong with the classic birthday party, wouldn’t you rather have your child learn while having fun, and more importantly, realize that learning is fun?

Keep Them Engaged

During a STEM creation party, your kiddo and their friends will be engaged the entire time. From creating various things to playing games, they will be able to enjoy an endless amount of fun through the entire party! We will keep the kids entertained and enjoying the party the entire time!

Lead to New Interests

Another benefit of STEM creation parties is that it can lead kids to have new interests. When your child is able to create something and learn about a new topic, it can help spark new interests and hobbies. After a party with us, your kiddo may develop a new interest in chemistry, math, or science, which can help improve their academics and keep them interested in different topics.

Give Kids a Keepsake

With our STEM creation party, your child will be able to take home a keepsake. Depending on the party package you choose, your child and their friends can create a number of different things including a wooden catapult, a bubble maker, bath salts, lip gloss, Lightsaber, wind chimes, snow globes, glitter lotion, or lava lamps. Those are some awesome and fun things that the kiddos can not only make but take home to keep and be proud of. They will love showing it off to their siblings and family members. When your kid makes something on their own, it will mean so much more than anything you could buy them!

You Don’t Have to Plan

With our STEM creation parties, you will also have much less to plan. All you have to do is choose the party package type and let us handle the rest. With each party package, there are activities planned for the entirety of the party. From creating something to games, our STEM parties will keep the kiddos busy and engaged the entire time. This means you don’t have to plan games, activities, or anything else that will keep the kids busy.

You Have Help

With our party packages, you will also get a personal VIP party host to help you throughout the party. This means that you can sit back, relax, and stop stressing about the party more than you need to. Our party hosts will help move your kids from one activity to the other and provide you with assistance. Most parents know that trying to watch 10 kids on their own can become a nightmare quickly, but with our help, you can relax a little bit.

STEM creation parties are a completely unique type of birthday party that you and your kiddos will absolutely love. This is something different than the typical party and allows the children to bring home something they can be proud of. If you are interested in a STEM creation party for your child’s birthday, be sure to contact VIParties in Denver, NC. We can help you schedule your party and pick the perfect package.