At VIParties, we believe that the typical birthday party themes are boring and overdone. We have created uniquely themed parties that are fun for kids and adults of all ages! From dance parties to video game parties, you will be able to find the perfect party for you. We even offer custom parties! Our party planners will be able to create the party of your dreams. Read our blogs for party tips, ideas, and information about what our party planners can do for you! When you choose VIParties, you can experience a completely unique party. Read our blogs now!

  1. Staying Healthy and Safe at Children’s Parties

    During cold and flu season, many more people tend to get sick than compared to the warmer months. Besides those common ailments, other contagious and communicable illnesses impact our communities. No matter what it is, we want to make sure we do all we can to keep everyone; children and adults in our communities health and safe. At VIParties we work hard to deliver fun and memorable parties for yo…Read More

  2. Why Party With Us

    Celebrations are a huge part of our society. Whether celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a proposal, or a baby that is about to join the world, there are many events that are cause for celebration. As a society, we love celebrating, coming together, sharing memories, and creating new ones. One thing many people do not love doing is planning the celebration. A lot goes into planning and hosting…Read More